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What Is Dream Culture Online?


Practical steps to discover, refine, and action your dreams plus ways to overcome roadblocks that try to stop or stall your progress.

With videos, teaching, and activations, you will be equipped to continue advancing on your dream journey step-by-step.


An exclusive place for support, strength, sharing, encouragement and collaboration.

It's a space where you get to cheer each other on as you advance in your dreams.

We will be using a private Facebook group for our community interactions.

Live Weekly Interaction

An experienced guide to help you and your class navigate through the Dream Journey. 

This includes a live weekly online Q&A session within the 8-week course duration


Who is Dream Culture Online for?

Getting Started

The sky's the limit, but you need help finding step one. This course is a practical guide to help you discover who you were made to be and how to live well.

Staying Motivated

Regardless of your season in life it's never too late to dream. This course will help you re-engage with purpose and bring back to life what may have been lost on the way.

Back on Track

Challenges happen. Road bumps are part of the journey. Here you will find authentic steps to overcome and grow stronger in the process.

"What a privilege it is to live in a “Dream Culture” for almost a decade now. It all started with me writing out my dream list. Within a few short weeks, I was able to check off many items, which made me excited to add more to the list. I’ve lost count of the many dreams and adventures I’ve gone on since then-- from riding hot air balloons to travelling around the world to distributing toys to children in third world countries to becoming debt free. I now know that NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE with GOD!"

Sandra Kane
Coach + Dream Culture Workshop Facilitator

"Dream Culture is a wonderful tool in our mandate to partner with God for the impossible. Rare is the book that is so intensely practical yet so powerfully supernatural."

Bill Johnson
Senior Leader, Bethel Church | Author, When Heaven Invades Earth

"I am so excited about what Andy and Janine are bringing because it is a set of tools and paradigms to help people who need motivation, other than pain, for change, vision purpose. Great things happen in people when they find their dreams can become a reality."

Danny Silk
Author, Keep Your Love On and Culture of Honor

"Dream Culture will push you out of religious boxes to encounter God as He really is - the Father that loves your dreams and wants to meet you in them."

Tony Stoltzfus
Certified Professional Coach Trainer | Author, Leadership Coaching and Coaching Questions

"Anyone who is in transition or in need of greater direction or doesn’t have specific ideas of how to pursue dreams should read this book."

Shawn Bolz
Senior Pastor, Expression58 | Author, Translating God

Sample Course Video

Session 2.2 | God Wants to Play with You




Q: How long is the duration of the course?

A: 12 weeks

Q: How will the course roll out?

A:  Every week, we will release 3 sessions. You can work through them separately or all on one go. You pick your own pace.

Q: How long do I need to allot per week for the course?

A: We recommend anywhere from 30-120 minutes per week, give or take, depending on the depth of the activation exercises

Q: How do I access the community aspect of the curriculum?

A: We will be using a private Facebook group for your interactions with each other and your Dream Coach.

Q: After the 12-week timeframe, will I be able to access the curriculum?

A: Absolutely. You'll have an extra 2-months of free access to it. 


Individual Pricing


Eight weeks

21 sessions

Private Facebook community

Weekly live Q&A

Downloadable worksheets

14-day satisfaction guarantee or full refund


For 2 or more people


per person

Email [email protected] with the contact email for each member of your group. We will then send you individual discount codes and sign-up links.

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